We have a diversified investment strategy

Our portfolio includes raw distillate barrels and high-growth adult beverage brands.

An image showing three circles with wine glasses, whiskey barrels and whiskey glass.

Our barrel strategy

We acquire high-quality raw distillate in barrels early in their aging process, and sell them once they’ve reached peak maturation.


Source high-end distillate barrels from distilleries where supply is finite and predictable.


Hold and monitor insured barrels while they age.


Sell barrels to both large and craft brands when they’ve reached maturation.

Our portfolio

We back the best in beverage and beverage technology. We partner with brands and leverage our relationships and expertise to help them scale.

Illustrative image of JuneShine beverages with JuneShine logo

JuneShine offers a range of hard kombucha flavors and ready-to-drink canned cocktails that are better for consumers and the planet

Mood image showing Thomas Ashbourne bottles.

Wildly dignified, ready to sip craft cocktails made with all natural ingredients

Mood image showing Ten To One bottles.

Ultra-premium Caribbean rums designed to challenge expectations and change the way people taste, experience, and talk about rum

Mood image showing Cann bottles.

Microdosed Cannabis-infused social tonic for a better buzz

Mood image showing Siempre bottles.

Handmade, 100% Agave tequila from Jalisco, Mexico

Mood image showing Nomadica bottles.

Sustainably farmed wines with flavor profiles that are serious enough for a glass, but vivacious enough to be sipped out of a can

Mood image showing L'Uva Bella bottles.

A modern, fun wine brand for everyday consumers

Mood image showing Pilot Project glasses of beer.

Brewery incubator and tasting room that helps startup breweries with R&D, production scaling, marketing, distribution, and more

Mood image showing a bar full of bottles.

Fyllo provides marketing targeting and attribution solutions for highly regulated industries

Mood image showing Speakeasy bottles.

Technology company and e-commerce platform for the Wine & Spirits industry that allows brands to sell directly to customers from their websites

Mood image showing different vintage bottles from Reserve Bar.

The e-commerce leader in rare, luxury, and ultra-premium spirits

Illustrative image of Mezcal Local beverages with Mezcal Local logo

Mezcal crafted with 100% agave and imported from Oaxaca

Illustrative image of Tobago Gold beverages with Tobago Gold logo

Caribbean chocolate rum cream created in Trinidad and Tobago

Illustrative image of Absinthia beverages with Absinthia logo

The world’s most awarded absinthes and craft mixers, using old-world techniques that result in complex flavors

Illustrative image of Doce beverages with Doce logo

Sipping mezcal made with 100% hand-harvested agave

Illustrative image of Elders Cut beverages with Elders Cut logo

Artfully-made raw, local mead

Illustrative image of Oksen beverages with Oksen logo

Handcrafted Spiced Rum from Cap Ferret, France

Illustrative image of Sueños Spirits beverages with Sueños Spirits logo

Small batch tequila created using the artisanal method of slow-roasting agave in a traditional stone oven

Illustrative image of Bootleggers Cocktails beverages with Bootleggers Cocktails logo

The world’s first real craft cocktail in a can

Illustrative image of Levenswater Gin beverages with Levenswater Gin logo

Handcrafted, small batch dry gin inspired by the traditions of 16th-century distillers.

We have worked with many investors promising to be a “strategic partner” only to be let down. InvestBev stands behind its promises and delivers on true strategic value. From brand strategy and distribution to finance and sales, their teams are here every step of the way and are always just a phone call away.
The whole InvestBev team has been instrumental in helping the Cann business transition to a sophisticated, traditional beverage company as it has scaled, including planning, financial support and providing revenue-driving business development opportunities across their broad beverage and retail network. 
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