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With deep experience in the adult beverage industry, our team understands the extended aging process of distillate and the resulting challenges in cash flow. We offer flexible credit terms tailored to the unique needs of the whiskey community.

We understand whiskey

We understand the whiskey industry and the true value of your assets.

Flexible, multi-year terms

We offer flexible, multiple-year, non-dilutive terms that require no personal guarantees.

Hands-on support

We combine the expertise and hands-on support of a nimble team with the security of one of the world's most reputable private debt funds.

We provide a better lending 
model for the whiskey industry

Old Dated Model

Currently, distilleries and whiskey brands have limited options if they want to expand their operations, having to:

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Risk their livelihoods with a personal guarantee on a loan

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Give up hard-earned equity for operating capital when credit would do

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Constantly reapply for loans, and be victim to fluctuating interest rates

InvestBev’s Optimized Model

Because we know the whiskey industry and the long-term nature of aging distillate, we offer flexible terms.

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Loan is secured through hard assets, like aged barrels and raw distillate

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Non-dilutive loans, so you keep full ownership of your business

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Multi-year terms, so you can focus on building your business for the long haul

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Interest-only payments that provide flexibility

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Expedited close and funding timeline so you get capital faster

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Access to our network of Grade A distilleries for your distillate purchase

What’s the difference between credit and equity capital?

Our team breaks down the differences to help you make the best decision for your business.

“We are thrilled to partner with InvestBev Credit. This capital partnership will allow us to reach more and more consumers through increased barrel inventory and production capabilities.”
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