We Are The Adult Beverage Experts.

We Are The Adult Beverage Experts.

Investing strategic capital across all facets of the adult beverage industry.

The Industry

Adult beverage is a Non-Correlated asset class with strong underlying investment fundamentals

Since Prohibition ended in 1933, the adult beverage industry has experienced uninterrupted growth and has proven to be uniquely non-correlated to other sectors, employment or the economy as a whole.

Institutional, family office and accredited investors would be well-served to include investing in the Adult Beverage Industry when considering their own portfolio dynamics.

Alcoholic Beverages commanded the highest EV/EBITDA multiple across any sector.


Alcoholic Beverages accounted for 19% of all M&A activity in North America.


more than the next highest category

Large Scale Exits

Investment access to the Adult Beverage Industry has historically been limited to investing in publicly traded companies and global sales and marketing companies.

However, investment through the private markets has recently garnered multiple large scale exits.

These success stories, and others, as well as an investors search for opportunity has raised the investment profile of the Adult Beverage Industry as an incredibly sought-after investable sector.

Casamigos sold for


Aviation Gin sold for


Drizzly sold for


Our Team

InvestBev has deep Industry experience and legacy value-add relationships with a proven investment track-record.

This positions us to continue as the leading investment managers focused on the space.